Aaron Yan apologizes for remark against Taipei mayor

March 12, 2015


Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je 柯P went under fire recently from gender rights activists for using the word “import” in reference to foreign women being married to Taiwanese men. After being surprised to learn that there are more single men than single women in Taiwan, he said, “Aren’t there 300,000 foreign brides being imported to Taiwan? How come?”

Aaron Yan 炎亞綸 criticized him on Facebook three days ago for always making social gaffes.

Aaron apologized today on his Facebook with a drastic change in his attitude. He posted, “‘Upbringing (having manners)’ This phrase was a misnomer. I didn’t respect my elders, sorry. I didn’t deny Mayor Ko’s deeds. He is indeed a mayor who gets things done! That’s admirable. What I wanted to say is that everyone anticipates the mayor; whether he speaks bluntly or not, he should also retain good manners. Demolishing the bus lanes in front of the Taipei Railway Station is satisfying for everyone, with no hesitation at all. But as a mayor, the usage of words needs to be carefully thought out.”

He went on to say, “Everyone has to look at what’s right and wrong more calmly, right? Everyone, don’t waste your time here arguing about things that aren’t even the focal point. I also hope that my fans won’t argue anymore. I only wrote this post because of my expectations in my future and the environment I grew up in.”

Here are some of the comments on his FB page:

Netizen 1: You are only expressing your own thoughts on FB like ordinary people. I think the media stirred it into such big news. I really admire you for replying to everyone’s positive and negative comments. Fighting for your own future!

Netizen 2: Compared to that poisonous insect, you are much better!

Netizen 3: Don’t be afraid to do the right thing! I support you. You are a real man who says the truth.

I think Netizen 2 is referring to R-chord because the word “poisonous” and “drug” are the same and R-chord is known for doing drugs lol. Tbh it’s pretty cool that Aaron apologized maturely and still kept his criticism. Many people like Mayor Ko now because they think he can bring change, but if he continues on with his ways, his mouth is a loose cannon that will make plenty enemies.

source: appledaily

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