Aaron Yan criticizes Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je

March 11, 2015


On March 9, Aaron Yan posted this on his Facebook status, “Always blaming the NTU Hospital when you’ve misspoken… I’ve been to the NTU Hospital countless of times since young, and I’ve never seen a doctor who speaks so inappropriately. Most of them are at least socialized. How would my father react. Hahaha. As for family discipline [having manners] – Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Aaron Yan’s father previously worked at the same hospital as Ko Wen-je. His comments have received¬†both positive and negative reaction from netizens.

Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je previously worked as a surgeon at the NTU Hospital. Since becoming mayor in 2014, many of his comments and actions have stirred controversy, such as when a photo of him riding the subway home stirred debate in China or the controversy for his remarks about colonization during a recent interview with the US magazine Foreign Policy or when he joked about selling the watch that British minister gifted him as metal scrap (because gifts of watches are seen as bad luck in Chinese culture) which he later apologized for.

When the media asked Ko Wen-je about Aaron Yan’s posting, he only smiled in response and said, “In fact, I am quite close with his father. The friendship is good.”

source: appledaily

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