Chang Chen welcomes baby girl

March 11, 2015


Actor Chang Chen 張震 recently announced the birth of his daughter. He uploaded a picture of baby footprints onto his weibo (seen above) with the caption, “The new member has arrived.” He later updated his weibo, writing, “First time winning the lottery (changing diapers)… get gold!!”

Chang Chen married his former assistant Ann Zhuang in 2013 after four years of relationship.

Shu Qi 舒淇, who was previously romantically linked to the actor and co-stars with him in several movies, also congratulated him by sharing his weibo post and writing, “What big feet (your baby has)!!”

Xinmsn wrote that it was speculated that Shu Qi wanted to marry Chang Chen if she was still single at age 35 (she is turning 39 this year), while Chang Chen admitted having “strong feelings for her” after co-starring with her in a movie. Yet their relationship did not come to fruition because the actor’s father did not approve of her. (This part reads like fanfiction to me. I’ve never gotten a romantic vibe from their interactions and Shu Qi has been long linked to Stephen Fung)

source: Chang Chen’s weibo, xinmsn

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