Did Selina Ren’s husband cheat on her?

March 11, 2015


Selina Ren 任家萱 and her husband Ah Zhong have always given the sweet loving feeling of happiness, however, Ah Zhong was caught meeting with another hot babe at dusk. Next Magazine reported that Ah Zhong, 42, wore sportswear and a baseball cap met up with a long-haired young women and another male friend, and the three of them went to sing at KTV. After Ah Zhong realized he was being photographed by paparazzi, he immediately left the premises.

Last night, Ah Zhong explained his private meeting with his friends on his Facebook. He wrote, “What a powerful headline. A lot of page views. The fourth day of [Selina’s] accident four years ago, the media praised me for staying with her. At that moment, I had an amused feeling. I thought, God, isn’t it a bit too early (to say that)? I know that I might get a bit of media attention. Thank you to the media for still looking out for me. I am not a saint, just an ordinary person with a lot of flaws. I am the same as everyone else. I have bosses, friends, have entertainment gatherings, will eat and drink, will get drunk, will sing, and have drunk brothers to take care of. Sorry to waste social resources.”

Selina also stepped out to clear up this misunderstanding, saying, “I know all of Ah Zhong’s itinerary.” She expressed confidence in Ah Zhong. As for Selina’s dad who is currently out-of-country, he expressed his thoughts of this small scandal in a few words: “Thankful, caring, blessings, peace.”

This is the young lady in question.

source: appledaily, nextmagazine

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