Did Shu Qi admit to her relationship with Stephen Fung? Her cat Maymaygirl actually not a “girl”

March 21, 2015

Shu Qi attended the Hong Kong Film Director’s Guild’s 25th Anniversary Dinner & Awards Ceremony on March 18, wearing a beautiful Valentino 2015 dress. She recently went to Japan for the Chinese New Year break and is now returning back to work.

AppleDaily reporters asked if any male friends went with her to which Shu Qi nonchalantly replied, “They all did. Boys and girls. Big and small ones. Tall and short ones.”

Then the reporter asked, “Did your boyfriend go with you too?”
Shu Qi said with a smile, “[He] probably went, also went.”

After that, more reporters swarmed Shu Qi with the question of who is her boyfriend. “I’ll go… go back and check. It’s Maymayboy. It’s Maymayboy,” she answered, referring to her cat.

She also stated how heartbroken she was after finding out that her other cat Maymaygirl was not a female cat. “Yesterday night when I went to give them a shower, later the pet store owner said to me, ‘You know Maymayboy is a boy, right?’ Of course Maymayboy is a boy. ‘But did you know that [Maymaygirl] is not a girl?’ Huh??”

It took Shu Qi half a year to find out! “I don’t know how this happened. I am really sad right now. I want a female cat!”

Due to her cats’ close relationship, reporters referred to them as Brokeback Mountain cats.

Reporters quickly switched back the topic of the conversation again. Is Shu Qi ready to go public with her relationship? “No […] You can write whatever you want to write. You can say whatever you want to say.”

source: appledaily

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