Eddie Peng celebrates his 33rd birthday

March 24, 2015

Happy birthday to Eddie Peng! Still as babyfaced as ever, even though he is now 33 years old.

See more pictures below.

Shu Qi posted this photo of Eddie holding her cat on weibo. Eddie replied, “Thank you goddess. maymay boy or girl??”

source: eddie’s weibo

3 thoughts on “Eddie Peng celebrates his 33rd birthday

  1. Azuki

    @just found this blog: Haha I think he might still be single? There’s no basis for the manager being his gf though I did read abt it somewhere as well.

    Thanks a lot for this post though. Haha I vouch for him and Shuqi to get together lol.

    1. novembered Post author

      Hey thanks for reading! Shu Qi and Eddie are cute together although I think Shu Qi has said before she didn’t like younger guys haha


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