Ethan Ruan and Tiffany Hsu not broken up? Rocky relationship

March 27, 2015

I’m sorry guys. I accidentally click-baited my own readers lol. Ethan Ruan 阮經天 and Tiffany Hsu 許瑋甯 have not broken up. I have misinterpreted that their agencies confirmed this news. Instead, their relationship is in a rocky period and Tiffany moved back to live with her mom after living with Ethan for 5 years. Tiffany Hsu recently told AppleDaily reporters that they were currently going under a “cooling-off period”, while Ethan stressed, “We are only temporarily living separately, not broken up. She is still my only one.”

Although Tiffany Hsu has been interviewed for her work, she has remained tight-lipped about her relationship. Previously, she wrote on her instagram, “You only live once, [so] have a relationship where marriage is the goal. Forever is very short. Don’t let willfulness cause you to refuse to bow, don’t let anger cause him/her to neglect you, don’t let stubborness cause you to break up. You will eventually understand who is insincere, who really loves you, who will disregard everything for you. The last one to believe, will keep walking until old age. Hope that in this life [you can] hold hands and grow old with each other. If you dare to be everlasting, then I will dare to be everlasting.”

Ethan Ruan went to weibo to attempt to clear things up: “Our relationship is our business, has nothing to do with you… what use is it to blindly discuss something? Tiffany Hsu is still my woman, Zhou Dong Yu is forever my niece. Boring~”

He also told some netizens to “go die”.

Regarding the cheating rumors, he stated, “Where is this rumour coming from? I cheated on someone? We are just taking a break to think about what we really want since we’ve been together for so long […] Tiffany is very important to me. In this crucial period for the two of us, can’t you give us a little space?”

Zhou DongYu, the actress rumored to be the third party in their relationship, and her team also denied the allegations.

I hope they are able to work things out… even if cheating rumors are/have been really rampant. Eight years is obviously a very long time, and it seems like Tiffany really wants to get married.

Meanwhile, Gary Chow possibly… backtracked on his comments regarding this relationship. On his weibo, he initially wrote, “Today I am very sad. My friend and his girlfriend dated for almost eight years. Today they suddenly just broke up. The woman even told my friend, ‘Don’t stop for me. Keep going on your own path. I bless you to always be happier than me.’ [sad face]”

He later added, “Hello everyone, the friend I’m talking about is not Mr. Ruan or Miss Hsu. I am talking about my own friend. Please don’t misunderstand. Bless everyone in this world to be happy and peaceful.”

I mean, okay…

source: appledaily

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