Fanily’s rising stars of 2015

March 12, 2015

Fanily’s “Shining Star Awards 2015” finally formally ended on March 5th at 11:59 PM. The voting took place over a period of eight weeks, with more than 1 million fans voting each week. There were five main voting categories: “Potential Fresh Goddesses”, “Star Index Gods”, “Potential Movie Starlets”, “Potential Movie Stars”, and “Most Adorable Baby”

See the results below.

Potential Fresh Goddess:
1. Sylvia Wang (Wen Yu Fei)
2. Mini Tsai (Dou Hua Mei)
3. Roxanne Yang (Yang Ke Fan)
4. Lyan Cheng (Cheng Yu Xi)
5. Jeanine Yang (Yang Qing)

Sylvia Wang, who recently starred in GTV drama Angel ‘N’ Devil, won first place; she received 429,744 total votes. In second place is Mini Tsai who was able to successfully change her image from a sweet girl by playing a stern police officer in the drama The New WorldRoxanne Yang came in third place. After both of her dramas The New World and The Life of Pearl started broadcasting, Roxanne’s popularity skyrocketed. She received most of her votes in the last week of voting and is said to be the “dark horse” of this race. Da Yuan (of Popu Lady) was initially very popular but her votes staggered towards the end, eventually getting sixth place.

Star Index Gods:
1. Simon (of Spexial)
2. Lu Han
3. Teddy (of Spexial)
4. Akira Tsao (Tsao Yu-ning)
5. Bruce (Hong Qi Han)

First place and second place are local stars, Spexial members Simon and Teddy. Simon exploded in popularity after starring in Angel ‘N’ Devil. Since the start of the voting process, he has always been in first place. His final votes were 785,315. In second place is former Exo member Lu Han. Lu Han was previously already popular in Korea and China, but after 20 Once Again aired in theaters, he also became more known in Taiwan.

Potential Movie Starlets:
1. Joanne Tseng
2. Pets Tseng
3. Puff Kuo
4. Annie Chen
5. Guo Shu Yao (Yao Yao)

Undoubtedly, the race between Joanne Tseng and Pets Tseng was the most intense. The tug of war continued until voting closed. Finally, Joanne Tseng won first place, edging out Pets by nearly 20,000 votes with over a total of 1.3 million votes. I’m honestly surprised that Puff Kuo didn’t obliterate this poll… maybe she didn’t encourage her fans to vote as much as her competition did. Ruby Lin and Amber An who are currently hot due to their hit dramas The Way We Were and Apple In My Eye, respectively, ranked in the last two places (9th and 10th) contrary to high expectations from the public.

Potential Movie Stars:
1. Melvin Sia
2. Lego Lee
3. Aaron Yan
4. Jasper Liu
5. Eddie Peng

Malaysian actor Melvin Sia and popular local actor Lego Lee have been very busy lately. They starred in Dear Mom and Aim High 22k, respectively, and both garnered a lot of buzz. Heeey I just saw that Zhang Ting Hu came in 9th place with 19624 votes.

Most Adorable Baby:
1. Kimmy (Jimmy Lin’s son)
2. Zony and Yony
3. Grace (Gary Chow’s daughter)
4. Cindy
5. Qiao Qiao

This is kind of a weird category to have, and to be honest, I don’t know most of these children lol. In first place is Jimmy Lin’s son Kimmy, and in third place is Gary Chow’s daughter Grace. Caught in between are Zony and Yony, who are the youngest stars to perform at Taiwan’s New Year’s Eve celebration concert. Zony and Yony were able to attend The Ellen DeGeneres Show last year, receiving international star treatment. They are known for doing cute dances while wearing helmets. Their appearance on her show led to more visibility for the twins, allowing them to survive in a competition of “second generation Daddy stars”.

source: wownews, fanily



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