Kai Ko spotted at night club again, mixed reaction from netizens

March 24, 2015

Actor Kai Ko, 23, made a vow to focus on his health after being arrested for smoking marijuana, pledging to quit going to night clubs and smoke less. January of this year marked five months of not going to night clubs for him. However, he was recently spotted at a night club with a cigarette dangling between his fingers. His agency argued that it was only a regular public bar.

Eastern Taipei’s famous nightclub Luxy held a two-day consecutive graduation event with over 2,000 people packed in the venue. Kai Ko also attended. Today it was revealed that he was partying in Luxy this Saturday. His friend posted a photo of them together, both of them with big smiles. His agency stated that Kai Ko had already told them his whereabouts and that they trust him to not do the wrong things.

Netizen 1: Five months is already quite some time! And then, you still mind? I believe people can change. Moreover, he is still young like us. Don’t keep pointing the gun at other people. Forgive and forget!

Netizen 2: Say one thing and do another!

Netizen 3: He’s only 23 years old, why can’t he have fun?


source: appledaily

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