Lockingyoung not scared to be labeled “Gao Shu Yao’s boyfriend”, focuses on dancing

March 12, 2015

A handsome, tall appearance with great dancing skills and a humorous personality was what made Lockingyoung (Jin Yang) once a popular participant on University Talk Show. But that’s not the reason why he’s receiving so much attention now; it is because of his girlfriend, Guo Shu Yao. Although the public was not optimistic that they would last, the couple have now been together for a steady two years. Jin Yang shared that although he really respected his girlfriend’s career, he doesn’t watch her dramas. He laughingly said, “[I] don’t want to see her too intimate with someone else!”

Jin Yang is currently studying at the National Chengchi University. He unexpectedly joined the University Talk Show and slowly entered the entertainment industry. Two years ago, he was asked to star in a movie but the filming schedule would require him to take one year off from school. His parents did not agree to it. “I was angry and did not return home for three days. Afterwards I came back and communicated with my parents and decided to take a leave of absence to film the movie. Although I am behind in school now, but [the experience] also allowed me to be sure of my determination to be in the entertainment industry.”

Jin Yang started learning how to dance in middle school. He once wanted to have a career in dancing, already being a part-time dance teacher. “I am looking for an agent right now. I have some plans for the future in mind. But I will never let go of my most loved, dancing. Even if I have to go abroad in the future for filming, I will find opportunities to practice dancing even if it is difficult.” Originally imaged to be a comedian star like William Shen (Shen Yu Lin), his looks have what it takes to be an idol star.



source: nextmag

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