R Chord criticizes feminine male idols, netizens guess Aaron Yan

March 11, 2015


R-chord posted on his Facebook status today, “What Taiwan lacks the least are feminine (male) idols.” This message left many commenters guessing if R-chord was referring to Aaron Yan. Some netizens left comments below hinting “Yan” or “Wu Zun’s former group mate”, and some directly posted photos of Aaron below.

Yesterday, Aaron Yan’s comments stating that Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je lacked manners triggered public discussion. He later wrote on his Facebook, “I don’t want to be a reed that easily falls in whichever direction the wind blows. I want to be a sequoia; regardless of how the wind blows, it still stands strong. Even if it takes a thousand years for others to understand its perseverance,” to defy criticism against him.

As for R-chord’s comment, some people agreed with him. But other netizens criticized him in turn. Below are some examples from his Facebook page:

Netizen 1: Don’t you think it’s more serious that you’re laughing at other people’s gender/sexual orientation? [referring to R-chord’s use of the derogatory “feminine (male” adjective]

Netizen 2: I agree with what you’re saying, know who you’re referring to and don’t agree with his approach and behavior. But can you try avoiding sexual discriminatory words like “feminine (male)”? Thanks.

Netizen 3: Always respected your bluntness but this time I don’t agree with you. Sexual orientation is innate. I don’t think calling him a ‘faggot’ makes you more respectable.

Netizen 4: [Taiwan] also doesn’t lack people who trash talk.

R-chord has always been messy. I wonder if Aaron Yan will reply because both of them are known for being outspoken with their beliefs. This Friday, both R-chord and Aaron will participate in the Chia Nan University celebration concert; this news will definitely become a focal point.



source: appledaily

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