“The First of May” trailer, starring Lyan Cheng

March 15, 2015

Director Zhou Ge Tai 周格泰 who has directed many music videos before will be making his feature film debut in May with The First of May 5月一号. The story follows a five sixth grade students in the 1980s until present time with two generational atmospheres and youthful love. For the title The First of May, Director Zhou explained, “Whether you are 17 years old now, or if you were 17 years old in 1982, the living conditions of every age and social atmosphere are different, but youth is forever the same.”

The film stars rookie actors Chihtian Shih 石知田, Color Yan 閻成誠, Lyan Cheng 程予希 and more. Lyan Cheng is playing two characters in the film, which are the mother’s role when she was younger and the daughter’s role. The First of May will be released May 01, 2015.

I quite like the poster. It’s giving me Makoto Shinkai vibes lol (except you know, this is obviously not an anime). Meanwhile, Lyan looks even more like an anime character with that student bowl haircut.

The latest two Taiwanese films I’ve seen are You Are the Apple In My Eye and Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale, so it’s been awhile. I’m looking forward to this one! Hope it doesn’t disappoint.

source: movie’s fb

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