Kimberley Chen drops new music, signs to new agency

April 7, 2015

Christine Fan (Fan Fan), after giving birth to twins in January, cofounded a talent agency with her husband Blackie Chen called Black Angel Productions. Late last year, they signed singer Kimberley Chen. Christine Fan stated, “Kimberley Chen is small and very young, but her singing is really powerful. Her voice is penetrating, especially during her amazing live concerts. I am very optimistic about the future development and potential of Kimberley. She is the successor that I am looking for.”

Blackie Chen also had words of praise for Kimberley. “I heard Kimberley’s song at an event three years ago and started to admire her. She not only sings well but also dances great. Now to have the opportunity to work with her is fate. Fan Fan and I are both very confident in Kimberley. We will use music to support her, and build Kimberley to become the next pop music diva.”

As for joining the new agency, Kimberley said, “When I first met Blackie Chen and Fan Fan, I was very nervous. I previously already liked Fan Fan’s music and voice. I am very happy I can join Black Angel Production’s big family. Blackie and Fan Fan are like my own big brother and big sister. With them to lead me, I am very at ease and happy.”

Kimberley’s latest single You’re My Happiness 原來你就是我的快樂 was produced by Christine Fan. Christine Fan also served as the executive producer of Kimberley’s newest album.

Personally I’m not in love with the song. The production sounds very cheap and the beat is a mess. It’s hard to hear what Kimberley is even singing so I hope this is not he final version. I wish she would go back making songs like Ai Ni again…

source: wownews

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