Online Model Cindy commits suicide

April 23, 2015

Celebrity Cindy 楊又穎 committed suicide and was found in her residence on Tuesday. Cindy, 24, was a participant on the talk show University and also hosted the variety show Love Player 愛玩咖 between 2011 and 2013. She recently starred in the feature film First of May 五月一號.

The police stated that Cindy was found dead at her residence with a helium bottle and a farewell letter. Her letter cited that she was being bullied at work. The news has shocked her family, friends, and fans.

Matilda Tao, the host of University, wrote on her FB page, “Don’t heed the haters but don’t ignore those who love you.” Cindy’s fans have also filled her FB page with notes of remembrance, such as “No matter where you are, you must always be happy!” and “You are the most beautiful angel.” RIP

source: focustaiwan

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