Kai Ko spotted at night club again, mixed reaction from netizens

Actor Kai Ko, 23, made a vow to focus on his health after being arrested for smoking marijuana, pledging to quit going to night clubs and smoke less. January of this year marked five months of not going to night clubs for him. However, he was recently spotted at a night club with a cigarette dangling between his fingers. His agency argued that it was only a regular public bar.

Eastern Taipei’s famous nightclub Luxy held a two-day consecutive graduation event with over 2,000 people packed in the venue. Kai Ko also attended. Today it was revealed that he was partying in Luxy this Saturday. His friend posted a photo of them together, both of them with big smiles. His agency stated that Kai Ko had already told them his whereabouts and that they trust him to not do the wrong things.
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Ethan Ruan and Tiffany Hsu break up after 8 years of dating

March 23, 2015

Following some breakups in the entertainment industry, including Tony Yang and Amber Kuo, Taiwan’s “golden couple”, Ethan Ruan, 32, and Tiffany Hsu, 30, have apparently split after a relationship of 8 years. They had previously discussed marriage. However, Appledaily reporters have confirmed their separation. In addition, rumors have emerged that sparks flew between Ethan Ruan and Chinese actress Zhou DongYu when they were filming “The Unbearable Lightness of Inspector Fan”.
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Did Shu Qi admit to her relationship with Stephen Fung? Her cat Maymaygirl actually not a “girl”

March 21, 2015

Shu Qi attended the Hong Kong Film Director’s Guild’s 25th Anniversary Dinner & Awards Ceremony on March 18, wearing a beautiful Valentino 2015 dress. She recently went to Japan for the Chinese New Year break and is now returning back to work.

AppleDaily reporters asked if any male friends went with her to which Shu Qi nonchalantly replied, “They all did. Boys and girls. Big and small ones. Tall and short ones.”

Then the reporter asked, “Did your boyfriend go with you too?”
Shu Qi said with a smile, “[He] probably went, also went.”
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Bolin Chen for Marie Claire March interview

March 16, 2015

A seventeen year old Bolin Chen 陳柏霖 and a seventeen year old Kwai Lun Mei 桂綸鎂, during the summer of that year, made a movie. After finishing filming, they went along with director Yee Chih-yen to the Tokyo Film Festival wearing t-shirts and undone hair. At the time, they thought this experience was just a wonderful summer memory, but they did not know that this movie would change their whole future. Ten years later, they have become the film industry’s two of the most resounding names of this generation.

Bolin Chen and Kwai Lun Mei have reunited for this Marie Claire March 2015 photo shoot. After starring in Blue Gate Crossing, Bolin witnessed his popularity skyrocket after playing Li Da Ren in In Time With You, opposite Ariel Lin. Meanwhile, Kwai Lun Mei has found critical acclaim for her various performances and has worked with a wide range of directors. Her noteworthy roles include Secret, Gf*Bf (which she won the Golden Horse Best Actress Award for), and Black Coal, Thin Ice (which won the Golden Bear Award at the Berlin International Film Festival).
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Dee Hsu loses 7kg from quitting drinking

According to media reports, Dee Hsu 小S fell into a depressive state last year 2014 because her husband Mike Hsu and her father-in-law were charged with insider trading and were caught in a deep fat lawsuit. This lawsuit detrimentally affected her image and career, and therefore, Dee often relied on eating and heavy drinking to relieve pressure, gaining 7kg (15 pounds). However, she later had an epiphany and became determined to lose weight, adjusting her breakfast foods and slowly go back to her original 42kg weight.

Dee Hsu admitted that her low mood caused her to eat a lot, finishing her workplace lunch and going home to drink with her husband. She said that even her husband called her “Ah Fei” (meaning “fat wife”) at home. However she did not care until another woman laughed at her becoming “more and more like an old woman” at a party. She finally felt that she could no longer indulge her appetite.
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Lan Zhang’s older photos revealed, did makeup turn her beautiful?

Otaku goddess Lan Zhang 張景嵐 has been quite popular these last few years. The model, signed to EeLin Agency, is known for her voluptuous figure. But after her popularity soared, there were uninterrupted rumors of her diva behavior, and not to mention her stink face when passersby ask her for photos, resulting in netizens starting to resent her. She defended her decision of not taking photos with her fans by saying that, “nothing is required from me.” Netizens wouldn’t let her off and now are discussing these high school pictures of her.

Lan Zhang looks pure and young in theses photos, with no makeup on. Her facial features were flat compared to her now more angular face, leading to plastic surgery speculations (like a nose job and chest implants and double eyelid surgery…). She doesn’t look bad in these pictures but I don’t think she would have made it in the entertainment industry without modifying her looks.

See below for the pictures.
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“Meeting Dr. Sun” wins best picture award at Osaka festival

March 15, 2015

Director Yee Chih-yen‘s 2014 movie Meeting Dr. Sun won both the Best Picture Award and the Audience Awards at the Osaka Film Festival in Japan this Sunday. The film previously won the Best Original Screenplay Award at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival last year.

“The honor means I and my team will have to keep working hard and keep cheering for Taiwan’s movie industry,” he said.

His last directing effort was the 2002 film Blue Gate Crossing, in which he launched both of Gwei Lun-mei and Bolin Chen‘s careers. For his new film, he used new actors Zhan Huai-ting and Matthew Wei.

See below for the trailer.
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Amber Kuo and Tony Yang break up

Amber Kuo 郭采潔 posted on her Facebook, “I will bless you everyday, bless your heart, bless your health.” These are some intriguing words. Reporters learned from both side’s friends that the break up of their three year relationship was amicable, but both of their agents were reluctant to say anything.

Reportedly, the couple had relationship issues since August of last year. They continued to work at their relationship but unfortunately they could not overcome the problems.

Tony Yang 楊祐寧 also issued a statement, “Thank you for your continued blessings and anticipation. We have almost lived apart for work for half a year. It was hard for us both, but we did not give up! Thank you again for your concern, and sorry to make you worry!”

source: appledaily

“The First of May” trailer, starring Lyan Cheng

Director Zhou Ge Tai 周格泰 who has directed many music videos before will be making his feature film debut in May with The First of May 5月一号. The story follows a five sixth grade students in the 1980s until present time with two generational atmospheres and youthful love. For the title The First of May, Director Zhou explained, “Whether you are 17 years old now, or if you were 17 years old in 1982, the living conditions of every age and social atmosphere are different, but youth is forever the same.”

The film stars rookie actors Chihtian Shih 石知田, Color Yan 閻成誠, Lyan Cheng 程予希 and more. Lyan Cheng is playing two characters in the film, which are the mother’s role when she was younger and the daughter’s role. The First of May will be released May 01, 2015.
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