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Here Comes KangXi: 2015 Famous Online Stars

April 18, 2015

04/14/2015 Here Comes KangXi 康熙來了 2015 Famous Online Stars. This episode focuses on several people who became suddenly famous this year due to their presence on social media outlets (facebook, youtube, etc). This episode is quite good! No English subs, sorry.

Dee Hsu loses 7kg from quitting drinking

March 16, 2015

According to media reports, Dee Hsu 小S fell into a depressive state last year 2014 because her husband Mike Hsu and her father-in-law were charged with insider trading and were caught in a deep fat lawsuit. This lawsuit detrimentally affected her image and career, and therefore, Dee often relied on eating and heavy drinking to relieve pressure, gaining 7kg (15 pounds). However, she later had an epiphany and became determined to lose weight, adjusting her breakfast foods and slowly go back to her original 42kg weight.

Dee Hsu admitted that her low mood caused her to eat a lot, finishing her workplace lunch and going home to drink with her husband. She said that even her husband called her “Ah Fei” (meaning “fat wife”) at home. However she did not care until another woman laughed at her becoming “more and more like an old woman” at a party. She finally felt that she could no longer indulge her appetite.
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Dee Hsu endorses Clarins Body Cream, reveals secret to perfect body shape

March 11, 2015

As the mother of three, Dee Hsu 小S still keeps her perfect figure. After nearly 10 years, Dee Hsu has won the No 1. Clarins Best Body Expert again and is the new spokesperson for the new upgraded version of Clarin Bikini Body Cream. She admitted that after giving birth to three children, she easily gained fat in her abdomen, waist, and arm areas. She also said that her own successful recovery of her S-line shape after being pregnant was through diet and regular exercise (crucial for all healthy weight loss!!). Dee stressed that women trying to lose weight should still eat all (at least) three meals a day, even if they don’t eat until they are completely full. Having enough energy and nutrition for the body is a must.

In addition to focusing on diet, women trying to lose weight should also do aerobic exercise and have an increased heart rate. The Clarins new generation Bikini Body Cream uses the completely new “Poppy Flower Wisdom Technology” (I’m not sure what that is) and affectively inhibits fat accumulation but also results in smooth beautiful skin, letting every women gain the charming S curve.

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