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Jacky Wu responds to not being invited to Jay Chou’s weddings, Jay Chou wedding photos

March 13, 2015


Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan recently exchanged vows for the third time! They held another wedding celebration at Hannah’s hometown in Brisbane, Australia so that Hannah’s family and friends could celebrate with them.

The couple first got married in Yorkshire, England in January. Then, they had another wedding banquet in Taipei so that Jay Chou’s grandmother, who was too old to take a long flight, could attend.

Notably missing from all three wedding ceremonies was Jay Chou’s former mentor and TV host Jacky Wu. Jacky Wu, 52, is responsible for launching and building Jay’s career. Reportedly, the two had a falling out when Jacky sold his record label, Alfa Music, along with Jay’s contract for NT $300 million in 2001. In response to media inquiries about the invitation snub, Jacky expressed his disappointment and had some harsh words for Jay. “Do you [Jay Chou] want to make me look bad by not inviting me?”

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