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Sunny Wang is dating Dominique Tsai

March 12, 2015


Actor-model Sunny Wang updated his Instagram with a picture of Dominique Tsai (seen above) and captioned it, “Gold isn’t the only treasure in this world. I found my Goddess.”

He also wrote in Chinese, “I finally understand what unwavering love means. I have found my dream girl!” Aw cute?? Dominique replied, “I [am] very shocked! [What he did is] very manly! It is my first time being called someone’s ‘dream girl’ so I am very delighted.”

The two were spotted at a restaurant together with friends from overseas last weekend. According to media reports, Dominique was seen entering Sunny’s house last year in April when he was still dating Chinese actress Zhang Li. Dominique had claimed that she lived in the same building. The two were later seen vacationing in the Philippines together, leading to speculations if Dominique was the third party in Sunny and Zhang Li’s relationship.

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